Engineered with your success in mind

Purpose built for Contractors


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Purpose built for FedEx Ground contractors

  • Unlimited drivers
  • Unlimited vehicles
  • State of the art Fleet Management
  • Monthly Maintenance Report
  • Planning, forecasting, budgeting
  • Scheduling
  • Clock / in out
  • Employee management
  • HR Document
  • i9 completion and more


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Put it on cruise control:

  • We process the payroll
  • We do all the calculations
  • We compile your data
  • We take care of direct deposit
  • We add , dismiss manage your employees
  • We ensure clock in / out 
  • We manage child support
  • We manage garnishments
  • We manage deductions


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Be in control, without the headache

  • We manage FADV
  • We manage your job advertising
  • We coordinate all interviews
  • We coordinate FADV application
  • We assist applicants to fill out the FADV application
  • We coordinate physical and drug test
  • We coordinate first day of training and so much more

All in 1

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Purpose built for FedEx Ground contractors

  • A truly all in 1 package purpose built to take care of all your administrative headaches
  • Never worry again about recruiting, payroll, budgeting, forecasting or not knowing where things are

Special packages


Dedicated full time executive assistant

We hire, train and manage an executive assistant for your company. They will work 100% on your operation. We will train, mentor and coach them about the FedEx Ground world.


Training classes - Coming soon

Attend our 2 day workshop in Seattle. You'll meet our real, world class management team that operate real P&D operations as well as get in depth training on how to prepare and run your business successfully into the next decade.