Complete control over your business

Payroll, Recruiting, First Advantage, Budgeting, Forecasting, Maintenance, Scheduling, Human resource information system, Time sheet and more all purpose built with your FedEx Ground business in mind

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Group 12

We handle everything. Advertising. Interview Scheduling. FADV. Onboarding


We process the payroll. We present you daily activity, performance, clock in/out

employee management

Powerful transparency into an employee's performance history.

planning and scheduling
State of the art scheduling

Scheduling so good that it will change your way of how you operate

More than just a software

Your outsourced C.O.O

Do you find yourself doing tasks that can be done by others? Great CEOs focus their time ON their business and not IN their business. 

A CEO's job is to focus on vision and culture. Everything else should be done by someone else. Find a way to do this and the result will be astound you.


Your business all in 1 solution


We do everything for you. Interview Scheduling. Advertising. FADV. Onboarding and so much more.

payroll management
Payroll management

Yup. We process your payroll. We compile the numbers daily and you approve them weekly.

executive assistant
executive assistant

Stop being inundated by tasks from dozens of drivers. We manage all thru our world class processes.

planning and scheduling
planning and scheduling

In depth transparency and consistency for your drivers with management team fully in control.


Constantly changing drivers and turnover is not easy to keep in touch. It is now with built in with SMS messaging

employee management
employee management

Up to date information about every driver: documentations, compensation, history and more

Budgeting and forecasting

Budgeting and forecasting is built in with little effort. Delegate the responsibility with ease

Employee performance

Your drivers entire performance history, incident history and data at your fingertip.

vision and clarity
vision and culture

This is your single most important mission. Unlock the recipe to this and the rest will be astonishing